About us

Welcome to Silveritz!

Born out of our love towards creativity and passion for fine jewellery, Silveritz is run by our founder who has been creating fantastic jewellery specially for friends and family since 2008. Our jewellery are usually a conversation piece by themselves. So get ready to receive a lot of compliments. All our jewellery are contemporary, versatile and are playfully created by our little creative team who are passionate about their skills. 

Our studio is entirely based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and our creations that include gemstones, crystals are hand made with great care. All our products are finished in sterling silver to keep it affordable.


All our designs are designed specially for the modern woman who is loving, graceful and quite inspiring. Our products are much ideal as gifts for that special unique person who brings a smile in your face! Each uniquely crafted piece is a compliment catcher by itself. Every product of us are either individually crafted or assembled with great care and has its own story behind that. We love how the idea evolves into a beautiful creation that brings joy to the wearer every time ! Sometimes we publish the stories behind a creation and sometimes not , but for us each and every product of ours is special. We don't mass manufacture the designs, neither do we sell in hundreds of same design. We make sure there are few unique pieces that we make or discover to deliver a pleasant user experience. So when its gone, its gone. Please check often to get your hands on our new creations.


We are proud to say our products are all either hand made or hand assembled. Other than our own creations, we are proud to support other artisan's handmade creations in our website at times too. Due credit is usually given in the product title and description. Very rarely, we feature few unique designs from elsewhere if we discover something that interests us. Our creative team is always busy in finding new ideas and loves supporting artisans around the UK. Get in touch if you love our creations too! A simple word of appreciation means a lot to our artisans!


More than 95% of our suppliers are based in the UK and are proudly British. Our products above the exemption weight are all hallmarked in London and bears a leopards head mark. Please visit the hallmark page for more details. Silveritz's primary Gemstone suppliers are based in the UK and are in the business for more than few generations. Our crystals supplier is also based in the UK and is an authorised wholesaler of crystals from Swarovski®. This means we have a more transparent chain from the source to the suppliers and we always do our best to spread the joy of wearing sparkly new jewellery. 

Now What's stopping you? Go on, Shop and don't forget to treat yourself with a thing or two..